The tour

More than a century ago, Berlin issued the patent for the first automobile in history. Metres away from this place we will start a tour outside the traditional tourist spots. We will see live some of the best cars of all times, and the history of this invention will be the excuse to get to know unique places in the German capital.

At Germany’s oldest traffic lights, we will review the furore that the new invention caused, and then we will meet the most technological cars of today. All this at a key intersection in the history of Berlin and its development as a modern – and motorised – city at the beginning of the 20th century.

The tour continues on the outskirts of the city. There we will discover the ruins of what was once the fastest and most dangerous racetrack in the world, as well as Germany’s first motorway. We will relive records, tragedies and how the Nazis used motor racing at the time to propagandize their dictatorship.

Finally, we will visit an old tram workshop that has been recycled and converted into a classic car paradise. Located outside the traditional tourist guides, it will be the highlight of the tour, as the best cars in Berlin live here.

If you like cars, are interested in mobility or are just curious, this is the tour for you – there is no other tour like it in Berlin!


1 person: 80 euros
2 people: 160 euros
3-10 people: 240 euros