The tour

More than a century ago, Berlin issued the patent for the first automobile in history. Metres away from this place we will start a tour outside the traditional tourist circuit and, among other things, we will visit the first traffic light in Germany, a hall where the cars that claim to anticipate the future of mobility are exhibited, the ruins of what was once the fastest and most dangerous racetrack in Europe and a workshop where some of the best cars in the world are restored.



I am a journalist specialising in automobiles. I was born and lived in Buenos Aires until I moved to Berlin in 2019. I work for various print and online media, testing cars and covering international events. I created the tour “Berlin and the car culture”, a unique proposal that was recognized of interest by Deutsche Welle. I also co-founded and edit Motorious, the first Spanish-speaking car information channel made in Germany.



noviembre de 2022

This was a great tour, I saw lots of great places that I wouldn't have thought to see. Martin had some great information about the locations and their relevance to the automotive industry. Would definitely recommend.


septiembre de 2022

Had a great experience with Martin. He has great knowledge about cars and I would definetly recommend this for anyone who wants to get to know Berlin in a different way.


octubre de 2022

Very fun way to see Berlin! Martin is a true “car guy” and had lots of information, stories and history which made this experience so great. But even if you’re not a car guy, I think you would enjoy this tour. There was something for everyone. Martin is awesome to spend time with, and I enjoyed every minute. He definitely saved the best for last…a magical visit.


febrero de 2023

Martin is the man! A bonafide automobile expert he took me to several locations that I NEVER would have seen in Berlin otherwise. Great experience.